Integration of Cloud Applications

REST APIs make it possible for cloud solutions to be integrated and to talk to one another, which gives customers new functionalities.

Biznes Innovation specializes in integration of the NFON Cloudya and NFON Nmonitoring cloud telephony solutions with external systems to enable additional functions, reportings and to facilitate daily administration tasks.

Monitoring of missed calls in NFON Cloudya PBX

Calls missed by hotline agents often result in lost business and  customer dissatisfaction.

Missed Calls Manager application analyzes phone calls received by your team and sends notifications about missed calls as they come. Such email notifications can create automatic entries in the ticketing system.

The list of missed calls, available to all agents, is updated on a regular basis. Calls "called back" disappear from the list, so the problem of multiple callbacks to the same client is avoided.

NFON Nmonitoring data export and custom reports

NFON Nmonitoring offers a set of reports and statistics needed for the  analysis of the Call Center performance.

Call Data Records application offers additional business reports configured according to customer needs. Call data is prepared for post-processing and presentation in external systems. Application is also suitablem when call data events need to be stored for long time.

Dynamic number presentation CLIP change for NFON Cloudya users

Line Changer application allows agents to quickly change telephone number presentation for outgoing calls, i.e. CLIP. After selecting a phone number in the online application menu, all subsequent outgoing calls placed by the NFON Cloudya user will show this number as CLIP.

This function is useful when a telephone service agent works in various roles associated with different telephone numbers previously communicated to customers.

Text-to-speech generation of NFON Cloudya PBX voice annoncements

Announcement application generates dynamic voice announcements for the NFON Cloudya virtual PBX using text-to-speech technology.

The announcement, entered as text into the ApiApp online interface via any web browser or smartphone is then converted to voice and automatically uploaded to a selected IVR object of an NFON PBX.

This function can lower workload of call-center agents, as necessary standard information is provided to customers automatically without agent involvement.

Send business notifications as SMS

SMS Gateway provides a simple web interface for sending company SMS messages. This tool complements customer telephone communication carried by hotline or reception desk employees.

The application sends a single SMS to a specific mobile subscriber. A message sent to a landline number will be delivered as a voice message.

Manage NFON Cloudya favourites and BLF keys

BLF Manager is an application for automated, remote mass creation and updates of BLF Keys and Favorites for all users of the NFON Cloudya virtual PBX. BLF Keys are updated automatically based on pre-set input data. 

Each Favorite Key can be programmed as:

Specifically, BLF Manager application facilitates automatic programming of:


NFON PBX time control via Google calendar

Time control function of NFON PBX is used to adjust telephone call flows in accordance with the actual working time of the company or individual people in a static manner.

PBX Clock Update application allows you to control and dynamically reprogram time control functions (clock functions) of the telephone system based on Google calendar entries. Changing work schedules from one day to another as well as holiday planning can be managed then without any system administrator's involvement.

NFON Cloudya phonebook automatic update

NFON Cloudya common phonebook is a great feature helping  employees to identify calling customers and simplifying call dialing, as it is available on all compatible devices and applications.

Phonebook Manager application automates updates of the shared phonebook by synchronizing it with a CRM system or another open database, and even with a shared Google spreadsheet.

Mass updates of NFON Cloudya PBX extensions

Extension Manager application allows for mass deployment and bulk reconfigurations of NFON Cloudya PBX extensions. Saves administrator's time as manual configuration, cumbersome in case of changing the parameters of a large number of users, is not necessary anymore. Based on a pre-prepared spreadsheet pattern, the application creates new extensions or modifies their selected configuration parameters, such as incoming numbers, CLIP presentation or assigned VoIP phones.

Extension Manager can automatically configure all available parameters, without the limitations of standard import from an .xls file. Proves very handy for managing virtual PBXs with large ammounts of extensions.

NFON Cloudya PBX Audit

PBX Audit application collects and analyzes configuration data of a specific NFON PBX. Such inventory data is essential for PBX maintenance and optimization tasks.

The application collects:

The application helps administrators of NFON Cloudya in identifying unused devices and user accounts, which is essential to assure security and revoke unused licenses that rate unnecessary costs.

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