How to enhance your CRM with telephony functions?

This issue is of interest to companies with telephone customer service. The lack of a proper telephony connection to the CRM translates into additional employee workload:  manual searching the database to understand, who is calling, entering call-summary notes as well as manual pressing phone numbers to be dialled on the telephone keyboard. All of this means extra time spent, and frequent mistakes.


A.I. in your contact center. Hype or reality.

At present, AI is neither hype nor reality, but rather an expectation of future benefits in the customer service domain. But we are just at the beginning of the AI path, and only the future will tell, what applications will become most useful.


Professional (telephony) reception as a "business card" of your business.

Expert Webinar video.

Mobile telephony is still not quite digital

Just think, perhaps telephony customer service is a neglected, analog part of digital business transformation?


Second life of Busy Line Field

Actually, a very traditional telephone function of BLF can improve co-operation of remote team members.


Telephony service desk focused on premium customers

When all clients, served via a web front-end become equal, the new question is raised: how to maintain relations with the special, most important ones. It appeares that a proven method is to offer them a premium telephony service in addition.