Number porting or new number ranges for your offices abroad

Companies with multi-country presence traditionally have complex relations with local telecommunications operators, characterized by agreements with various end-dates, high and difficult to control costs, and high configuration workload of separate, local PBX systems.

With a cloud based telephony solution you will be able to

Are you expanding internationally?

Then you should definitely consider cloud telephony and single operator to manage your phone connections. There is no need to search for local operators in every country separately! 

One central system greatly improves internal company communication and gives opportunity to unify customer service processes.

Central administration of the cloud PBX and all phone numbers significantly reduces workload and maintenance costs of the VoIP telephony service.

Is it complicated?

Not really. Biznes Innovation takes care of the whole proces based on your authorisation and required documents. Such projects are managed centrally, so hassle of signing local telecommunications agreements is avoided.

We have already ported or assigned a couple of thousand numbers in countries like Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and more.

Is your company on Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Teams can be equipped with a VoIP phone capability called Teams Phone. Within Operator Connect framework telephone numbers from all countries can be assigned to your common Teams instance, without necessity of signing local SIP trunk contracts.

Common international service desk?

Central management of phone numbers allows you to create a central service desk, which can be located in any place or be distributed over many offices. Customers from many countries can then dial their local numbers and be connected to your single team. This allows for customer service improvements, process simplifications as well as cost savings.

Toll-free IFS numbers 0800

Toll-free incoming telephone numbers can be assigned and managed from the cloud PBX as well. They are useful if you want to offer free service desk functions to your customers in many countries and you are willing to cover call costs. Numbers are available both on a country level (0800 type), as well as of the international type (country code +800).

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