or how to unify customer contacts in all communication channels

Modern businesses keep contact with customers via multiple digital channels, not only via phone.
Omni-channel contact-center is capable of handling phone calls, chat sessions, emails, sms, WhatsApp and video in unified way, with  one agent team. Both for inbound and outbound directions.

Such system can simultaneously queue incoming requests from all channels and assign them - according to preset rules - to free agents.

Main advantage of such approach is registration of all customer interactions in one database as client history record.

Management of inbound / outbound campaigns

Advanced contact-center systems enable daily adjustments o agent teams based on running campaigns,

Effectiveness of outbound campaigns can be improved via automatisation - or so called dialler. Call-center agents can trigger calls in accordance with the predefined contact schedule.

Call-center can apply "progressive dialling" mechanism, in which teh system automatically initiates outbound connections for free agents.

International operator services

Our offer in co-operation with European operator of business telephony NFON:

Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is approaching

Voice bots are more user friendly and more acceptable by clients than pressing IVR options

Artificial Intelligence is more and more an answer to contact-center efficiency requirements. ALready now, digital voice analysis and synthesis, in many languages, is advanced enough to automize routine contact-center tasks. Those can be for example account balance checks, password reset requests, or setting appointments. AI bot engines integrate with business processes and databases so bots can perfectly answer customer's questions.

Bots are also used to conduct automated telephone surveys.


Current state of the call center can be presented to management and employees as a wall-board, a graphic presentation of current KPI parameters regarding agents work and quality of customer service. Wall-board can present number of clients waiting in the queue, average waiting time, number of missed calls, number of active agents etc. Wall-board layout is adapted to customer requirements 

Call recording

Recording of calls and other contact-center interactions is often necessary to meet legal or business requirements. We offer cloud systems that guarantee security of data processing confirmed by agreements in accordance with GDPR.

Call recordings can also be used to train agents and improve quality of customer service.

Application integration

Integrations are possible in two ways: computer-phone (CTI) or application server-telephony system (REST). Integrations allow for:

Statistics and reporting

We offer call-center systems which provide complete statistics regarding activities of agents and quality of customer service. Reports are available online. We can monitor efficiency of marketing channels, statustics of incoming and outgoing calls, and effectiveness of agents. We adapt the presentation layer to actual needs. Statistical data is available as download for further analysis and presentation. 

Web chat, video, voice

Modern contact-center solutions can use multimedia communication technology -WebRTC - directly in the web browser. Thanks to this, clients can communicate with the contact center in many ways, simply by using a web browser. Integration of communication solutions with a company website is done simply by pasting url links.


Dialler is a necessary function for an outbound call-center in order to shorten the call setup time. 

Examples of custom developments

Virtual call-center agent

Call-center system is executing an automated call campaign based on a pre-defined client lisy. Clients hear the information announcement and then can register answers via DTMF tones.

Interactive missed calls list

Typical telephone system allows agents to see their missed calls. Professional management of the sales department requires shortest possible customer service times. To achieve that a special web application was developed to present a list of all missed calls of the team. Calls than can be called back with a click, and the list is updated automatically. Sales leads are not lost anymore!

Customer data anonimization and masking

Clients of the outsourced business service center had high privacy requirements. On customer demand a special dialer modification has been prepared, so agents do not see neither client personal information nor his phone number.

Benefits of virtual contact-center

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