We train your employees competence needed for development of your business

Development of sales skills

or how to increase sales in your industry

Learn, how to meet current challenges of your industry. We deliver a series of training programs based on needs of a specific industry: FMCG, Retail, Fashion, TSL, IT, Utilities.

We provide:

  • Development of your sales process with positive impact on sales basket and conversion.

  • Limiting behaviors, which negatively impact image of our company and hamper efforts to build customer relations.

  • Tools for further development of sales effectiveness

During our training sessions:

  • We share our sales experience, gathered directly on the market, during other sales sessions or based on market observations and expectations of clients in your industry.

  • We enhance B2B and B2C sales processes.

  • We use proven training methods which improve results of sales process.

Sales trainings

Phone Sales and customer service

Effective sales team

Sales techniques with negotiation basics

Consultative and relation-based B2B sales

Coaching at the point of sale

Psychological client silhouette

Women in business

Our proposition consists of specialised trainings and workshops for business women, who wold like to perfect their skills: personal effectiveness, communication, assertiveness, self-confidence, management. We also structure approach to creation of professional image and building own brand.

Questions, for which we would look answers together:

  • How to deal with stress?

  • How to manage multiple woman life roles in fulfilling way?

  • How to take care of self-confidence?

  • How to create and maintain own desired image?

  • How to build relations with other people?

  • How to initiate necessary changes?

Team management

Employee management is a process, not a one-time event. Therefore, managers are required to posses planning skills, ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities, conduct professional assessment of results and provide feedback. Motivating your employees with non-financial means is a daily challenge faced by today's managers.

Leader? Manager? Coach? Are you wondering whom to become in a given business situation?

During our trainings you will learn how to maximize your team's potential to achieve better results.

The basic elements of our workshops are

  • Leader, Manager, Coach? Similarities and differences

  • Effective team

  • Effective manager or how to wisely manage your employees

  • Team's internal conflict management

  • Stress management

  • Effective team communication

  • Manager's Toolkit

The manager's toolkit includes competence evaluation skills, employee motivation methods, team communication, delegation, feedback, task execution, team work organization, problem and conflict solving, and decision making.

Customer service and collection

Telephone Customer Service

Increase business efficiency of telephone customer service.

Our workshop addresses those, who use the phone as a tool to contact clients in their professional activities.

Thanks to participation:

  • you will learn specific tips for making phone calls

  • you will gain the ability to respond to customer needs and reservations

  • you will develop the ability to control emotions in difficult situations

Telephone Debt Collection

Developing skills and increasing efficiency of client telephone conversations in order to manage receivables.

Your training benefits:

  • You will learn principles of debt prevention

  • You will learn how to control emotions in difficult situations

  • You will learn to effectively recover debts using phone contact

Business trainings calendar

Biznes Innovation trainings and workshops develop individual competence of your employees as well as provide opportunity to exchange experience with your industry peers.

Calendar - to be published soon....

Fashion and Retail industry

Psychology of shopping, or psychological profile of the client.

How to effectively sell products and services addressed to women and how to men? Discover gender relationship and purchasing process undertaken by individual sexes. Use this knowledge to attract new and retain existing customers.

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Trainings for TSL teams

TSL industry faces specific challenges, such as the speed and efficiency of acquiring new orders, customer loyalty, and negotiating not only prices!

Our trainings answer the following questions:

  • how to get new orders from regular or new customers.

  • how to increase customer loyalty

  • how to differentiate from the competition

  • how to build long-term relations with clients

  • what is meant by professional after-sales service

  • how to convince clients to your service without undercutting prices

You will practice sales conversations over the phone and in direct contact. You will learn about common mistakes and traps in the process of selling and receiving forwarding orders.

Effective employee management constitutes another challenge for the TSL industry. Diagnose your management style to maximize potential of your employees.

TSL training programs

Telephone sales and customer service

TSL sales and negotiation techniques

Employee management

Effective customer communication

Self-efficiency and work organization

Dealing with job emotions and stress

Trainings for water companies and other utililties

Telephone customer service

City residents express their opinion on municipal issues straight on the social media. Their view, regarding utility companies, most often depends on performance and competence of customer service personnel.

A properly prepared employee knows the rules of working with a telephone, and above all has the skills to properly respond to customer needs and reservations.

During practical, one-day workshops, you will learn specific tips for conducting phone conversations with skillful control of emotions in difficult situations.

Telephone debt collection

How to effectively collect receivables without losing good customer relations?

Debt collection skills are necessary in every team of commercial customer service. Our trainings provide knowledge and practice debt collection conversations. We focus on customer excuses, optimal conversation structure, industry specifics and psychology of a typical "difficult customer".

Trainings for ICT services companies

Professional IT services sales techniques

,,Success in sales does not depend on those you know. It is important who wants to know you"

IT services business is usually built based on relationships with known clients. Business owners often ask themselves questions about how to increase profitability of contracts and how to attract new customers and ensure continuous development of their company.

Our answer is increased efficiency of services sales through the development of commercial skills.

We invite you to trainings whose participants practice effective sales techniques. With emphasis on building added value, they learn how to acquire new customers and retain existing ones with help of sales psychology.

If you want to prepare your business for modern VoIP communication solutions, contact center or hotline, please join our

Professional VoIP and contact center trainings

Business Innovation trainings provide a package of practical skills necessary for the effective implementation of VoIP technology and call-center systems in companies.

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Why us?

Business Innovation delivers professional professional trainings prepared on the basis of diagnosed needs. We use modern diagnostic tools (tests, behavioral analysis, self-diagnosis), business simulations and elements of gamification. All trainings take into account business perspective of our clients.

What distinguishes us on the market is the fact that we not only work in the area of ​​training, but also carry out management consulting projects as well as promote and implement the latest ICT technologies. As a result, our recommendations cover most areas and processes in a company, directly impacting business results.

We care for innovative competence development of your teams based on market trends

Co-operation with Biznes Innovation means

  • guarantee of employee competence development

  • changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of training participants

  • visible increase in efficiency and quality of work in the company

  • increase of the employees' own effectiveness and motivation

  • optimal and effective introduction of innovative changes in business

  • support in specific business situations that require an expert view

Our 5 steps methodology

  1. Diagnosis of development needs and expectations in the context of business goals

  2. Adjusting the training program based on the results of the diagnosis and defined competence gaps

  3. Workshop conducted with active methods, training of individual and team skills

  4. Training materials with a package of methods and tools for use in the everyday work of training participants

  5. Final report with information about the participants' potential and development recommendations

We approach all projects individually!

Our methods

have been verified in numerous Polish and international companies:

  1. Trainings are conducted in the form of workshops, with use of creative and modern active methods.

  2. Program and scope of the training is always adapted to customer requirements and nature of the industry.

  3. We make sure that trainings provide knowledge, develop required skills, but also motivate employees to innovative activities and constructive changes.

  4. During the workshops, participants have the opportunity to have individual conversations with the trainer to determine their personal development plans.

  5. We provide materials with ready-made tools and sheets, tests and templates that can be used by participants in their daily professional work.

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