Solutions for ioT solutions and OT/IT interface

Cybersecurity of internet data exchange

Sensitive data while transferred over public internet require special protection, especially in the critical infrastructure applications. We advise on solutions that are stronger than firewalls and perform IP data filtering:

Data Diodes are devices guaranteeing one way layer 3 IP data flow. Systems requiring galvanic separation or air-gap can be connected via data diodes.

Data Filters are used when firewall protection is not secure enough. Filters work on predefined set of rules which let through those messages, which were pre-approved by the communicating parties, exactly according to a pre-defined white-list.

Diodes and filters are used to protect OT/IT (operational technologies - office IT)  interface in critical infrastructure applications.

Common tasks are:

VPN solutions for critical infrastructure and ioT communication security

Secure remote access to active LAN devices

Dedicated hardware unit connected to the Cloud based service enables remote, secure access to selected LAN devices, such as printers, PBX, routers or switches. No need for remote desktop sessions on PCs and servers, no need for port opening. Information exchange is based on https transmission requested from inside of LAN, allowed even by strict security policies.

Hardware VPN units with strong encryption

ioT communication, using public internet, requires higher level of cybersecurity. Both distributed ioT structures as well as single IP links of gigabit capacity can be centrally protected with a uniform layer 3 encryptor system.

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