Information and communication systems for modern business

Biznes Innovation supports companies implementing and developing ICT solutions focused on Cloud Computing and employee mobility.

Business telephony from the Cloud

NFON Cloudya telephony means increased productivity, savings and new quality of internal communication.

At last all your branches will be connected into one, coherent communication and collaboration system.

Your employees will appreciate Cloudya because of their freedom to use smartphones, laptops or classical VoIP phones, anywhere.

Exchange your outdated PBX for Cloud Telephony as 100% IT service that

  • you can administer yourself
  • is without contract binding periods
  • has simple "per user" licencing model


Biznes Innovation is a Polish distributor of an exceptional Cloud telephony system by NFON A.G.

Virtual Contact Center

Modern business requires modern customer communication!

Cloud based customer communication tools can utilise many channels in one contact-center: telephony, web-chat, web-call, email, social-media, SMS, and even video.


And we can help you handle basics as well:

  • professional handling of customer calls
  • call recording
  • call statistics reporting or call-tracking
  • missed calls controll

Interconnect your international branches

VoIP Telephony

With virtual services Company branches in Europe and elsewhere in the world can obtain local phone numbers. We can transfer those to a single business telephony system, so your internal communication becomes free and easy.

ioT data transmission

International implementations of ioT solutions require proven and stable data transmission as well as constant monitoring of SIM cards and connection status.

Now you can obtain data transmission M2M SIM cards that can function across the world withoud excessive roaming costs. SIM management platform comes as a bonus.

Partner Program

If you are an IS/IT company, reseller, integrator or service provider and you would like to offer presented solutions to your clients - be invited to the cooperation within our Partner Program.


How to select best IT solutions for your business?

Is supplier and technology selection a challenge for your organization? Check our consultancy services. We analyze your needs, and then select and optimise ICT solutions to demands of your business.


Smart City ioT solutions

Modern ioT solutions improve management and supervision of distributed technical infrastructure.

Total solution offering for Smart City and Smart Farm sectors:

  • Selection of sensors and controllers
  • Specialised, professional applications
  • Virtual platform for control and data analysis
  • Radio communication: GSM, LTE, LoRA
  • Implementation services on the territory of Poland
  • Multi-vendor application ans API integration


Comunal and industrial waste management optimisation

Waste bin equipped with an ultrasonic fill-level sensor needs to be emptied only when full!

Application platform optimizes collection truck routes.

Smartphone app lets citizens send alerts back.

Smart City is also a clean city!


Secure data exchange over internet

Data transmission utilising open internet

Data and commands in teh Smart-City networks are best protected with hardware VPN encryptors.

Secure OT/IT interface

In the critical infrastructure sector (and Smart City) IP Data Diodes allow for convenient exchange of logs and operational data without compromising strict security rules.


Specialised ICT trainings

Our trainings prepare clients and partners for administration of virtual services:

  • VoIP Administrator. Design and optimisation of business VoIP telephony
  • Telephony contact center - hands-on
  • NFON Cloudya telephony system administrator


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