Innovative telecommunications solutions increase effectiveness of business and improve customer satisfaction.

NFON Cloudya means completely new freedom of business communication

Now you can freely use a device of your choice: smartphone, laptop or a VoIP phone, even simultaneously!


NFON Cloudya ia a virtual telecommunications service for business. Our offer meets requirements of companies choosing the effectiveness of virtual telecommunications solutions:

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Time to modernize your PBX?

Cloud telephony gives you the freedom of central service self-configuration with immediate implementation of changes, without waiting for the installer's visit nor annexes to operator contracts.

Replace outdated switchboard systems with the new generation solution. NFON is a service delivered accoring to the cloud model, without worries about it's future: security, capacity and access to new functions.

Central management of the NFON telephone system is very easy, even for companies with multiple branches. This is thanks to possibility of VoIP phone remote configuration.

NFON means no capacity limitations, as the system scales with development of the company. It offers straightforward CTI integration with business systems. Users can use mobile applications and many call-center functions are included in standard service.

Clients cannot reach your company and noone knows why?

The latest telecommunications solutions allow for quick implementation of a call center with hotline support, even for very small teams of people. Thanks to this, you will increase professionalism of your sales department and satisfaction of demanding customers.

The most important hotline features are proper announcements, call distribution and queues, monitoring of missed calls and performance statistics.

NFON service provides support for all company incoming telephone numbers via freedom of call flow design. You can create any number of voice announcements in different languages, IVR menu options, groups and call redirections depending on office hours.

Company is growing and new branches pop-up?

Virtual telephone system provides direct DDI phone numbers for every employee, even stationed abroad. Free internal calls improve communication thanks to short numbering, BLF status lights and a shared phone book.

As an operator, NFON assigns new or transfers company landline numbers (NP procedure) even in remote countries.

Cloud telephony ensures high quality of calls and teleconferences among company employees in all locations. Central device management allows you to implement and supervise your telephony system without visiting branches. 

Problem communicating with customers, when employees are on the road?

With NFON Cloudya fixed office telephony becomes mobile.

Now employees can use the devices of their choice, wherever they are. Not only a classic VoIP phone, but also a smartphone, PC/MAC softphone or simply, a web application. Thanks to Cloudya, employees communicate using the company telephone system at all times. 

Take customer service to the next level! 

Looking into savings in telecommunications costs?

NFON cloud telephony means a service agreement with no binding period, without pitfalls of long-term operator contracts.

In NFON Cloudya you do not have any limits on the number of simultaneous calls or on the number of PBX control elements. You do not have to pay for each new IVR, announcement nor a queue.

Intuitive, self-administration of PBX and remote configuration of devices significantly reduce the workload and maintenance costs of the telephony service.

CTI integration between telephony and applications

Click-to-call function greatly enhances telephony agent work comfort and speeds-up their activities.

Incoming calls can trigger automatic application actions, like opening client's records or updating CRM database.

Call recording

Professional call recording service ensures high standards of customer service as well as security of business transactions.

Call-tracking and statistics monitoring

Effectiveness of contact-center teams should be constantly monitored.

Call statistics analysis for each incoming phone number allows you to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Are you worried of VoIP security?

NFON telecommunication servers are located in securely doubled datacenters located in Germany, which guarantees service availability on much higher compared to own HW PBX installations.

NFON quality of service and its high availability are guaranteed by professional SLA.

VoIP calls are encrypted with strong algorithms and secure keys.

NFON personal data processing agreement ensures compliance with GDPR.

Numerous technical security mechanisms practically eliminate VoIP frauds.

Are cloud telephony implementation project difficult?

Implementations come down to assuring internet access, connecting phone devices to LAN and logging users.

Projects last from a few days upto one month at max, with service continuity and company phone numbers availability at all times.

We assure direct contact to our experts, without web forms and registrations.

We love phone calls!

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