Mobile telephony is still not quite digital

Krzysztof Burzyński, Jan. 27nd, 2021.

The smartphone is a supercomputer, comparing its capabilities to office PCs, even the current ones. There are digital applications on it, but mobile telephony, in its stubbornness, remains completely analog, or even outdated! Despite the fact, that the phone is an indispensable tool for business communication in the digital world.

Think, if these reviews sound familiar:

  • when you dial a customer number, you click it manually reading the numbers from the computer screen

  • no one can take over ringing calls of an absent employee

  • your call history disappears from your smartphone irretrievably after just 2 weeks

  • when you ask for a billing, the operator sends it to you on paper in an indigestible format

  • you cannot find out who called your company yesterday, even if you ask for it.

  • you do not know how much are per minute call chares to the USA or Ukraine

  • the only interface between your company business processes and telephone customer service is a person with a smartphone in his hand

  • company administration is overloaded with managing mobile phone contracts and reporting screen damages

  • operator contracts are strictly concluded for the usual 24 months, as if employment in your company would never change.

The digital transformation of your business must also include telephony!

K.B. 2021